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At Construction Trades Press, we believe in keeping things simple. Many people think math is difficult to learn and use, but we show you it doesn't have to be that way. Our books are easy to read and understand, and if you take the time to work through them, they will provide you with a practical, useful foundation in math. Scott Gibson of Fine Homebuilding wrote in his review of Math to Build On, "The book is based on the idea that math is a practical skill, not an intellectual pastime for school wizards."

To be precise, a craftsman in any trade must work from a functional math base that includes arithmetic, practical algebra, practical geometry, and practical trigonometry. Johnny and Margaret Hamilton have brought these essential ingredients together into one learning format. This same math is essential not only for the trades, but for anyone involved in designing, laying out, or constructing anything.
The reviews in national periodicals emphasize this practicality.

Math to Build On Math to Build On explains the core math used by all trades. It gives you the minimum math exposure needed to function competitively in any job that involves design, building, laying out, assembling, or maintenance. Math to Build On was a finalist in the 1994 Benjamin Franklin Awards in the Education/Teaching /Academic category.

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Pipe Fitter's Math Guide
Pipe Fitter's Math Guide is trade-specific to the piping trades. It teaches basically the same math as Math to Build On, but in the actual terms used in piping trades. It addresses specific math problems such as simple offsets, rolling offsets, and combination offsets. The Table of Contents shows the different topics covered.
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Both books:

are written in a simple, straightforward manner so that people with a limited educational background or mathematical understanding can readily learn information that will be useful in a variety of circumstances.

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